Recovery Trucks – Flattop and Normal

PayloadBody SizeWinch Capacity
4.2 TON5.8X2.3X120 to 6100x2300x120HV10000
5 ton6100x2450x120 to 7200x2450x120HV10000
7 ton7200x2600x150HV15000
10 ton8000X2700X150HV15000
10 ton8000X2700X150HV20000
12 ton9000X2750X150HV20000
above 129000X2750X150HV30000

Boxes Standard Dimensions

Two (2) Hinges Rear Door Boxes

Three (3) Hinges Rear Door Boxes

Additional Add-on

Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration Unit BrandUnit NameCooling RangeOrigin
Up to -20
Up to -18
Up to -10
0 to +5
0 to +5
Dongin ThermoDM-110RP 12V
DM-250RP 12V
DM-090RP 12V
DM-100SP 24V/12V
DM-250SP 24V/12V
DM-500CP 24V
DM-500SP 24V
DM-500ESC 24V
-10 to -15
-15 to -18
0 to +5
0 to +5
0 to +5
0 to +5
0 to +5
+5 to +10

Standard Specifications

DIMENSIONSAs per Customers Requirements
INSULATIONRigid injected CFC free polyurethane foam
THICKNESS50mm / 80mm / 100 mm/ 150 mm
CLADDING0.50mm-inside with Ribs (internal cladding) and 0.70mm-outside without Ribs (external cladding) GI Sheet Pre-painted white.
CONSTRUCTIONInsulated panels will be made in one piece for each side in order to increase the rigidity of the box. Insulated panels will be reinforced with a steel frame for a long-term durability.
FIRE RATINGMeets flame retardancy requirements according to DIN 4102 Class B3 and according to ASTM D 1692 and ISO 3582 test (self-extinguishing foam). Total panel B2 classified
FLOORInsulated panels reinforced with wooden spacers, covered with 12/18mm WBP plywood and 2mm/ 3mm aluminum checkered plate with welding be supplied to be fitted on top of the reinforced floor. 250mm height Side skirting will be provided.

Important Note: This type of floor is not suitable for forklift operation.

For Forklift operation, need to add more re-enforcement on floor as per customers' requirements
DOOR (S)A rear double leaf hinged door. (Side door optional)
DOOR ACCESSORIESDoor is complete with heavy duty rubber gaskets and stainless steel hardware and fittings.
STEEL BASEA durable sub chassis will be provided and constructed with MS 75x75x4mm angles bar for the perimeters and 75x40x3mm U-channels with 450mm center distance. Brackets with spring washers and nuts will be provided.
S.S. DRAINPIPES1 no. will be provided at front for cleaning purposes
REFLECTORS12 nos. triangle reflectors on the box will be provided
LIGHTINGTwo (2) 24V, Ceiling lights will be provided.
SIDE GUARDAvailable as per UAE specifications.
ACCESSORIESØ Mill finished angle/ Pre-painted angle, natural aluminum angles inside, aluminum rivets will be used and sikka flex silicone as sealant.

Ø Rear folding steps will be provided.


Ø Other accessories as per customers' requirements
WARRANTY3 years for the Refrigerated box against any defects in material and workmanship.

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